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‘Voice Skills For Teachers’ Course Preview (continued) – Section 5

  • ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ Section 5: Vocal Techniques for Enhanced Delivery
    Lecture 1: Introduction to Vocal Techniques

    This lecture explains the vocal techniques a teacher needs to understand and use in order to have a varied and effective delivery for a wide range of educational situations and environments. 01.47mins


    Lecture 2: Breathing
    Breath underpins all work on the voice and good breath control is vital for a voice that needs to carry easily and reach all listeners. This lecture looks at supportive breathing.  17.23mins


    Lecture 3: Articulation
    This lecture explains why clear articulation is so important when delivering information in the learning environment and how we can achieve and strengthen our vocal clarity.  07.58mins


    Lecture 4: Articulation – Vowel Sounds
    This lecture explains how vowels carry the sound and how long and short vowels give our speech clarity. 09.04mins


    Lecture 5: Articulation – Consonant Sounds
    This lecture explains how consonants give speech distinction and how and where the consonants are formed. 09.25mins


    Lecture 6: Articulation – Conclusion
    We look at more examples of good articulation and how practising and working the organs of articulation to strengthen our diction can be fun and enjoyable.  04.17mins


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