This month’s news from Sounds Right.

End of term voice fatigue?  Help is at hand! 



March 2015

Teacher’s On line Training

Sound’s Right On line Voice Health and Awareness Course for Teachers is now being made available to teachers in USA and India. On line study is very popular in the USA and is growing enormously in other parts of the world. Sounds Right is delighted to have been approached by Learning Insitutions who are anxious to offer teachers voice care and help to make the most of their voices through the on line medium.


October 2014

Sounds Right Voice Training visits London Zoo

The saying goes ‘Never work with children or animals’ but the talented and energetic members of London Zoo’s education department do just that! A rewarding and fulfilling job demands much of the voice and members of the department took part in in service Voice Training session organised by Charlotte Coates of the Zoo and delivered by Marina Deestan-Jones of Sounds Right Ltd.
The session included work on health awareness, posture, breathing and techniques for speaking with ease, interest and vitality. The staff regularly have to give talks, lectures and lead interactive sessions. Sometimes the audience will be very young children – on other occasions young adults of 17/18 – voices have to be versatile and meet the task in hand.
“They were terrific to work with” said Marina” So responsive, enthusiastic and lively. I am so pleased to have helped the staff to take care of their voices as they offer such a tremendous opportunity and adventure in learning to anyone visiting the Zoo.”


September 2014

Sounds Right delivered Teacher’s Voice Training to 60 teachers and support staff at Birkby Infants and Nursery School, Huddersfield earlier this month.

Common problems encountered were teachers experiencing vocal wear and tear due to pitching outside their usual pitch range and neglecting posture resulting in upper body tension. Helpful tips and exercises addressed these problems and all attending said they found the workshop very relevant and felt they would certainly benefit in the future from the practical