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It makes sense for teachers to have Voice training if their voices are to meet the day to day demands of the classroom – physical and emotional.

Voice Teacher and trainer Marina Deestan-Jones has now compacted nearly 3 hrs of invaluable practical training and advice into an easy-to-follow downloadable course – Voice Health And Awareness For Teachers.

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Understand how the voice works, how to protect it and use it to its full potential for your professional life, at the same time enhancing personal confidence.

“ Teachers are not always highly paid” says Marina, “and 1-2-1 voice training, though invaluable, can be expensive and time consuming. This way I hope to reach as many teachers as possible and help save, and make the most of, all those important voices.”

Information is relevant, understandable and enjoyable and is an important resource for both newly-qualified and experienced teachers.

Access valuable tips in a convenient format and work in the privacy of your own home at times to suit you!


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