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Improve your spoken English skills

with Sounds Right voice training

Speaking clearly, pleasantly and being easily understood is still vitally important whatever your profession or vocation and is still considered to be a professional, personal and social asset. Sounds Right’s Spoken English Skills training, together with Elocution and Accent Softening training will help you make the most of that important asset.

Of course, nowadays society and the workplace are rich with varied and colourful accents and dialects and although it is only right that having the ‘wrong accent’ is no longer considered to be major impediment it is still advantageous to be able to adopt a neutral and immediately understood style of speaking.

Our accent softening and elocution training helps to enhance your speaking voice and improve speech delivery and pronunciation so that your listener is immediately engaged in what you are saying.

Sounds Right offers a variety of spoken English skills training for young people and adults at various stages of their academic life or career.

This can range from Poetry and Prose Reading Skills from age 7, Interview Skills for anyone returning to the workplace or University entrance, or various packages in Speech Training and Confidence for those who wish to improve their personal effectiveness.

We also provide training in developing skills for Discussion and Debate which is particularly valuable for anyone approaching University entrance and Public Speaking Skills where we can help train teams for National Competition or help and advise staff wishing to set up an in-house Competition of their own.

Sounds Right has a selection of short Communication and Confidence Courses for adults in many areas of vocational work: Catering, Travel and Tourism, Hairdressing and Beauty – where working with the public is an important part of the job and where the ability to speak in a clear, relaxed manner can be a career advantage.

Many of our Spoken English Courses and Training packages give the client the opportunity to take an externally assessed but internationally recognised examination leading to a fully accredited award.

Our Spoken English Training is flexible to suit client (school, college or organisation) needs and requirements. We offer consultancy, advice or group training.

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