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Teacher Voice Training Benefits Schools

On a daily basis teachers need to Inspire, Inform and Motivate

 A teacher’s  voice  must be able to meet that task.

Of all the professions Teachers are most likely to suffer from voice problems. Many will find themselves seeking  treatment for more serious vocal disorders. Teacher voice training benefits schools.

The cost of cover to a school is expensive and each year thousands of days are lost due to voice related problems. Voice loss has cost British schools millions of £££s!

Having access to voice training can help to save schools’ badly needed funds not to mention the disruption to classes when their regular teacher is absent.

The tone of voice, the clarity and the ability to reach all learners in whatever space – colour the atmosphere in the classroom and the relationship between teacher and pupil.

A teacher who is constantly being asked to repeat words or phrases will become less confident and dispirited. A teacher whose voice is flat and monotonous will soon create disinterest.

Research has proven that if a teacher has a good voice then learning is more likely to be positive. By contrast a poor, dysfunctional voice can impact negatively on learning results and teacher/pupil relationships.

We can help a teacher to use vocal techniques to enhance classroom performance and maintain good vocal health.

A teacher’s voice needs to be clearly articulated to ensure clarity, varied in pitch for interest, well-resonated for amplification and projected with intention and focus. A teacher needs adequate breath control to support the hard work the voice has to do each day and delivered in a tone relevant to the mood of the task, or situation.

Sounds like a good investment?

Sounds Right’s Teachers’ Voice Training can help teachers to achieve a vital, interesting voice and keep their voice healthy and effective at the same time saving lost days and expense.

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