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Voice Training and Voice Health for Teachers

Many teachers will regularly suffer voice strain before the term ends.

A good number are constantly frustrated by having to make themselves heard in less than ideal surroundings, competing with constant background noise and struggling to get attention.

We understand the voice and we understand the vocal demands on the teacher.

Demands on the teaching profession area ever increasing but so much still depends on the fundamental relationship between teacher and pupil.

That relationship is essential but to continually inform, inspire and motivate the teacher’s voice needs to be up to that monumental task.

We can help teachers to:

  • Understand the working mechanism of the voice
  • Learn how to keep the voice fit and healthy
  • Avoid fatigue and potential problems
  • Develop a more flexible working voice for a variety of teaching tasks and acoustic environments
  • Speak effectively and maintain interest, control and attention without shouting or misuse of voice
  • Establish good vocal habits.


“I constantly used to feel voice strain and had to shout to make myself heard. The practical tips for my daily voice use in school were great. I am conscious of caring for my voice now, warming up and certainly not shouting. It would be good to have this sort of training in school on a regular basis.”

Teacher, Droitwich High School

A Senior Education Consultant comments on the need for Teachers’ Voice Training

Former Assistant Director of Education Don Nixon in an interview with Marina
on the importance of Voice Training for Teacher


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