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Voice Skills For Teachers CPD Course Preview

Cost of this course: £49.99 (no VAT)

Lifetime access : Study in your own time : Continuing Professional Development Certificate awarded upon successful completion

‘Voice Skills For Teachers’


This 30+ lectures, nearly 3 hours of videos course is a convenient and affordable way for you to learn many things about your voice, avoid problems resulting from overuse of your voice and enhance your performance and your students’ performance in the classroom.

Topics covered include:

  • How your voice works
  • how your posture affects your voice
  • the challenges of the average teaching day
  • vocal techniques for enhanced vocal delivery
  • how you can best deal with problematic acoustics
  • a daily vocal warm-up
  • and much more.

By the end of the course you will understand your vocal mechanism better, know how to keep it healthy and make the most of your vocal delivery in the classroom; protecting your teaching voice and well-being, and of course your job!

There are several quizzes through the course for testing yourself how much you’ve retained from the lectures.

Our Continuing Professional Development Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

This course has been delivered offline as well as online in a variety of institutions and professional environments.

It has been positively received, evaluated and endorsed for its relevance, content and practical application for CPD by a number of institutions:

  • University of Bangor, Wales for its relevance to Language Teachers;
  • University of San Jose, California for the importance of voice when teaching online;
  • South Cheshire College, England which considered it to be one of the most relevant of in-service sessions received;
  • NUT and ATL Teaching Unions in the U.K. whose members regularly suffer voice problems;
  • London Zoo Education and Outreach Dept. who use voice in a variety of situations throughout the day;
  • and a number of individual teachers, lecturers and business professionals for whom the speaking voice is most important.

The academic content and methodology has also met the standards of Voice Care Network UK – the leading provider of voice health training in the U.K.


Course menu and description:


  • ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ Section 1: Course Introduction

    Lecture 2: The Case for Teacher Voice Training

In an interview with Marina, former Senior Education Consultant, the late Don W. Nixon makes the case for the importance of voice training for teachers.



    • ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ Section 2: Understanding The Vocal Mechanism
      Lecture 1: Introduction to How The Voice Works

      The purpose of this lecture is to introduce the student to the workings of the vocal mechanism and to give a basic understanding of how the voice works. 04.02mins



    • Lecture 2: Vocal Folds (Pt1)

      This lecture introduces the student to the vital role played in voice production by the vocal folds (or cords) and how important it is to keep the folds moist during the working day or for extended voice use.  04.11mins



    • Lecture 3: Vocal Folds (Pt2)

      This lecture explains how diet, lifestyle and environment affect the voice and how we can avoid hazards and pitfalls during the professional day.  07.56mins



    • Lecture 4: How Posture Affects the Voice

      This lecture explains how posture – how we sit, stand and move – can affect the voice and how it is important to consider good posture when using the voice each and every day.



  • ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ Section 3: Posture and Alignment
    Lecture 1: Introduction to Posture and Alignment

    If the voice is to sound appropriate for the teaching situation, then the body has to assume the correct posture and this means avoiding tension and common postural misuses.  01.51mins



    Lecture 2: Examples of Incorrect Posture

    This lecture illustrates common examples of postural misuse – often seen in the teaching situation – and the effect they have on the voice.  09.51mins



    Lecture 3: Balanced Posture and Alignment

    Good voice use means good posture and this lecture illustrates how we can achieve balanced alignment so that our body is best placed to produce good vocal sound.  05.57mins



  • Section 4: Demands on the Teacher’s Voice

    Lecture 1: Considering the Average Teaching Day

    We look at the typical pressures of the teaching day and the demands placed on the teaching voice. 06.00mins


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Cost of the ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ course: £49.99 (no VAT)

: Lifetime access : Study in your own time : Continuing Professional Development Certificate awarded upon successful completion

* full refund will be given if not completely satisfied

Schools can purchase this course at a one-time cost of £99.99 (no VAT)

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