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Voice Skills For The Teacher

The teacher is a professional voice user

but often has little or no voice training to support continued use.

Unlike the broadcaster – who can rely on technical support and good acoustics, or the actor who can depend on a quiet, engaged audience – a teacher does not have that basic support nor do many teachers have voice training. Yet a teacher is a professional voice user and will depend on his or her voice every lesson, every day, week in week out and term after term.

Over half the profession complain of voice problems each and every academic year.

Many teachers work in challenging environments sometimes against constant background noise or in difficult teaching spaces. A great number regularly complain of voice problems – croaky voice, husky delivery, neck pain and tension – but all too often these are considered occupational hazards and the pressure is to keep going!

No voice – no job!

Continuing teaching with a voice disorder can lead to more serious problems and some teachers can find themselves facing their retirement with a damaged voice.

Sounds just what you need?

Our teachers’ voice training (Teacher’s Vocal Warm-Up (FREE) or our Voice Skills for Teachers 30+ lectures video online CPD course or school workshop) can help prevent problems and will help you to keep your voice healthy and effective.

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