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Voice Skills for the Teacher | Benefits to the Schools

Voice Training

Voice Training provides a vital, resilient and flexible voice, a basic necessity for professional success.

Along with the fear of loneliness, failing health and financial worries – speaking in public, addressing groups and using the voice in a formal situation can make people tremble with anxiety.

Many people – teachers, clergy, actors, broadcasters – who use their voice for much of the working day may not fear that in the same way, but they can suffer vocal wear and tear, which left untreated or ignored can lead to voice problems. This can have a damaging effect on the user professionally and personally.

A teacher cannot afford not to be listened to.

A little understanding of how the voice actually works can help us to control it, use it effectively and avoid misusing or damaging this valuable resource and minimise all those occasions when we might find it hard to inject all the necessary energy and vitality into what we need to say, and how we need to be understood.

A degree of vocal awareness means also being aware of the whole body and what goes on in the head too – before we even open our mouths. It can help us to understand the effect diet, lifestyle and posture can have on the voice and how the teacher can enter the classroom better equipped to begin using the voice for the teaching tasks ahead.

Sounds good?

Sounds Right Teacher’s Voice Training can help to make a teacher’s life easier and the voice richer.

Our Voice Training has been successfully delivered to a number of clients from a variety of professional backgrounds, including:

Businessmen and women, teachers and lecturers, clergy, actors, sales executives, dog trainers, golf club captains, professional sportsmen and women, public speakers, hotels, leisure and hospitality staff and individuals wishing to enhance their speech skills and speaking performance.


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