voice workshops for teachers

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Voice Workshops For Teachers

By investing in this training you are not only:

showing your staff how much you value their expertise, health and welfare, but that you fully understand the heavy demands on their voices during the teaching day.

Most staff will talk for the bulk of each and every lesson and damage to the voice can affect their morale, professional effectiveness and pupil performance.

Training Content

Our training provides vital techniques for enhanced and varied delivery:

The Vocal Mechanism    A little knowledge of how the voice works will help the teacher use the voice with ease and understanding.

Diet, Lifestyle and Posture   Before we begin to speak there is so much we can do to protect the voice.

Breathing  A teacher’s voice needs to ‘carry’ to maintain attention. Good breathing will support the voice and thus the quality of speech. Our simple exercises help teachers achieve centred breathing to sustain and enjoy a stronger and freer speaking voice.

Articulation Being heard easily and clearly is vital for a teacher’s control of class and pupils’ learning but nowadays articulation is often neglected. Our exercises will strengthen articulation and thus the clarity and effectiveness of the classroom teacher.

Pitch The pitch of the voice carries the emotional content and is the first ‘giveaway’ to sounding stressed or out of control. If teachers regularly pitch outside their natural range – too high to get attention or too low to appear authoritative – damage can occur. We help teachers to find their most effective and comfortable range

Resonance Effective resonance amplifies the voice and enables it to carry in less than perfect physical spaces. Many classroom teachers under use their resonance and our training can empower them to resonate with confidence.

Volume ‘I must not shout in class’. Many teachers want to and many others do! This harms the teacher’s voice and raises the temperature of the situation. We demonstrate how to focus, project and lessen the wear and tear on the voice.

Tone Colour The tone of voice a teacher uses can influence mood, atmosphere and the relationships in the classroom. We help teachers to explore tones so that they can encourage, inform and maintain control with ease and confidence.

Acoustics  A teacher’s voice needs to deal with difficult spaces and we look at techniques to help the voice meet these challenges.

Within our range of workshops there is the opportunity to discuss delegates’ specific problems and anxieties.

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