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What Our Clients Say

We have delivered Teachers’ Voice Training to:

  • Individual teachers from a variety of institutions – from Primary schools to Universities throughout the country
  • and provided workshops for teachers’ Inset days and at Union Conferences.

Staff from the following places have received our Teacher’s Voice training:

Bangor University
Keele University
Stafford University
South Cheshire College
London Zoo
Stoke on Trent
North Wales

Here are some samples of what our clients say

  • “Delivered what it promised. Answers to problems I’d experienced and gave me ways forward”
  • “Learn how to keep the voice fit and healthy”
  • “Informative and invaluable”
  • “Practical, down to earth and relevant”
  • “Excellent Trainer and delivery. Interesting and beneficial content”.
  • “Very informative and enjoyable. I wished I’d had this training years ago”
  • “This was clear and fun and gave me many useful tips – more please”
  • “Excellent trainer – very professional and understandable. I learned so much. Thank you”
  • “I think this was the best piece of staff development I’ve ever done”

We offer solutions and invaluable support for all voice users who wish at some time to improve their personal performance and effectiveness – and that is a considerable number of us!

Addressing groups in a formal or even informal situation makes most of us tremble with anxiety. Many others who use their voices for much of the working day – teachers, clergy, broadcasters – can suffer vocal wear and tear, leading to voice problems if the voice is not used sensibly.

What our clients say confirms that:

  • Through flexible and enjoyable voice training Sounds Right offers solutions to all such concerns and problems.
  • By delivering voice and communication training that meets individual needs, Sounds Right clients acquire skills and techniques that enhance their individual as well as their professional performance.