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Teacher Voice Training from Sounds Right Limited

Practical voice training for the professional voice

Acquire vocal skills and techniques to enhance individual professional performance and personal confidence

    Using voice out of doors can be a serious challenge ..... Using the voice out of doors can be a serious challenge …..

    Formed in 2005 Sounds Right Ltd provides voice, speech and communication training; Sounds Right offers solutions and invaluable support for all voice users who need to sound effective – and that at some point – is a considerable number of us!

    As part of our specialist training Sounds Right offers Voice, Speech and Communication Training specifically for Teachers, Lecturers and Educators. Our Courses focus on how to keep the voice healthy and avoid problems, how to increase clarity and vocal variety for classroom performance and how to increase professional confidence and positive classroom management through effective use of voice.

    It is easy to take the voice for granted until there is a problem and that, for the practising educator, is a very serious concern.

    Teaching in classrooms, assembly halls, gyms and out of doors, can present difficulties for the most experienced teacher with an untrained voice.  Constantly competing with background noise and the demands of the curriculum can place a heavy vocal demand on many NQT’s in their first year and can often result in voice loss.

      Staff in Schools and Colleges know only too well that to be continually effective, they need to maintain voices that stand up to the rigorous demands of teaching.   Our research has found that many teachers have little or no specialist voice training to enable them to cope with the vocal demands of the job and that can result in under performance or demoralising sick-leave.

      Sounds Right Training draws on the skills and experience of Voice Teachers, Communication Specialists, Speech and Language Therapists and Professional performers to provide realistic and enjoyable training.   Many individuals and institutions have already taken advantage of our skills and experience and have been delighted with both the delivery and the results.


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