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Sounds Right specialises in voice training and we offer an online voice training for teachers course, ‘Voice Skills For Teachers’. The course provides voice training for teachers, lecturers and educators and it qualifies as CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

What does this online voice training for teachers provide?

  • The lectures are easy to follow so you can easily understand, look after and make the most of your speaking skills
  • Your teaching voice is constantly in demand so this voice training is high quality, tested and relevant
  • Your voice needs stamina, so we advise good diet, posture and lifestyle to help keep your voice healthy.
  • A wide range of vocal techniques is covered in depth so your personal confidence and classroom performance will be enhanced
  • The course addresses the potential for damage to your voice such as through constant use and difficult acoustics. We offer practical and efficient techniques so that damage is avoided
  • Guidance is given to improve the teacher’s vocal performance positively, and as a result pupils’ performance is improved positively too.


The Case For Teacher Voice Training

The late Don W Nixon, former Assistant Director of Education and a Senior Consultant with Sounds Right, makes a powerful case for teacher voice training.

Some 5-star reviews of this online course for teachers include:

***** “Brilliant , well structured, well delivered.”

***** “Taking this online voice training for teachers was a great experience because the tips and exercises are very helpful. I will always keep in mind breathing, articulation, pitch, resonance, volume, and tone color so that I can create different types of content and emotion.”

***** “Marina’s approach to voice care and coaching is professional and hugely impressive. She covers an enormous amount of ground. She gives depth and breadth of advice in many different aspects of speaking. Some had never occurred to me before, even though I’ve done a lot of speaking over the years. My upcoming new direction in my career involves teaching with audiences large and small. I know Marina’s teaching is going to be very helpful for me, so thank you Marina for your professionalism and your concern. It really helps us teachers to use our voice effectively and efficiently.”

This online voice training for teachers provides all teachers, lecturers and education assistants with a basic awareness of how the voice works. It explains how to keep it healthy and so how to use it to best effect in the teaching environment. Teachers have to use their voices day in and day out. It is so easy for the professional voice to be taken for granted, which can lead to problems. This course helps to prevent such problems.

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Online voice training for Teachers Using the voice out of doors can be a serious challenge …..

Who is Sounds Right and What Do We Do?

Sounds Right Ltd was formed in 2005 to provide voice, speech and communication training. Sounds Right offers solutions and invaluable support for all voice users who need to sound effective, which at some point is a considerable number of us!

We offer voice, speech and communication training specifically for teachers, lecturers and educators. We train how to keep the voice healthy and avoid problems, how to increase clarity and vocal variety for classroom performance and how to increase professional confidence and positive classroom management through effective use of voice.

Staff in Schools and Colleges know that they need to maintain voices that stand up to the rigorous demands of teaching, so they will be continually effective.   Our research has found that many teachers have little or no specialist voice training so they’re not always able to cope with the vocal demands of the job. This can result in under performance or demoralising sick-leave.

Skills and Experience

Sounds Right Training draws on the skills and experience of Training Professionals so that realistic and enjoyable training can be provided.   Many individuals and institutions have already taken advantage of our skills and experience and have been delighted with both the delivery and the results.

In-Person Voice Training for Individuals, Groups and Schools

We also offer in-person training by our consultants. This includes online by Skype, and offline, on-site at schools or other suitable venues.

You can find more details at the Teacher Voice Training section of this website.

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